Wipe Your Feet

This blog contains some random writings documenting the highlights of one woman’s journeys as she lives life in San Diego and slowly travels the world.

Newlywed, 20-something, marketing geek, and dog trainer.  Lover of travel, life, dogs, cooking, music, photography, and… stuff.  She has a knack for getting way too excited about darn near everything.

Please wipe your feet, and enjoy.

Inspired by: vv. family. friends. clicker training. travel. music. hiphop culture. speaking spanish. north park. black tea. books. yoga. teaching. limes. chicago. lowercase letters. knowing it’s worth it. vinyl. my dogs at my feet. the baja peninsula. new running shoes. farm fresh olives. hot sauce. a good one. vegas. advertising. scrapbooking. a good-night kiss. a story to tell. rescuing pit bulls. education. iced coffee. vegetables. green soccer shoes. slot machines. talking through movies. lecture. ice cream catch-up days. getting grammar right. snow days. organic connection. raw enthusiasm. fleece sheets. weekend adventures. thick-rimmed glasses. power outages. inside jokes. b-boys. hair cuts. frisbee golf. gilmore girls tuesdays with mom. tall buildings. puppy breath. diversity. more travel. sentence diagrams. a good cross fade. the legendary. rainy days. wagging tails. amsterdam canals. catch phrase. laughter. philosophy. a night at landlord’s. talking too much. stealing the ball. cold winter mornings. morning people. photography. dark beer. city lights. football sunday. car rides. containers. lip gloss. street tacos. kicking on the laces. creating. art laboe sunday night oldies show. playing the sax. unexpected fireworks. holiday decorating. play bows. studying non-stop. attempting to surf. crossing the border. being included. saving the world.


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