How to fumble through a Thursday in 10 easy steps

  1. Don’t get dressed all day. Hey, you’re working at home, who cares. Oh, maybe that guy who was selling stucco solutions at 3pm who thinks you should buy a hairbrush. Well, you’re gonna “go for a run” on your “lunch break” anyway, right?
  2. Decide to catch up on your Spanish homework between work and puppy class.
  3. Take too long and don’t realize it’s time to get ready. Guess running will have to wait.
  4. Take shower. Think of three awesome blog articles you should write, but quickly realize you have nothing to write them on that won’t electrocute you.
  5. Drying hair takes forever. Will your students think poorly of you if your hair’s a little damp?
  6. Type half of one post on iPhone from the bathroom. Getting to the computer would take waaay too long.
  7. Teach puppies! (You were 20 minutes early. Hair’s almost dry!)
  8. Forget two out of the three blog articles you thought of earlier, but turn your accidentally-too-long, highly-unnecessary Facebook post into a second one (that’s what you’re reading now).
  9. F running. Get enchiladas and watch football instead.
  10. Celebrate the small victories: Mexican food is delish, and puppies are fun! You win!

There you have it. Thursday was awesome.


About EV

life enthusiast. explorer. dog lover. constantly analyzing, impossibly impatient, and loving it.

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