On becoming homebuyer-zilla

[Now accepting art projects for my homebuyer-zilla image.]

At the risk of sounding crazy, I feel compelled to share what I consider a hilarious list of texts I sent my husband today during several psychotic moments of I-want-my-house-and-I-want-it-now. My boss said to me today, “you must be so excited.” I replied, “I’m about as excited as I can possibly be.”

“I want my appraisal! I want the house now!”

“We are peppering everyone right now like it’s Burger Time!”

“It’s starting to kill me again! I wanna go sleep on the floor at the new house until we get it! Like a squatter!”

“I’m crazed like a rabid dog!”

So, today was fun. Our house passed its inspection. On to the next level.


About EV

life enthusiast. explorer. dog lover. constantly analyzing, impossibly impatient, and loving it.

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