On speaking Spanish, 90 days in a row

yo heart español Oh boy, what have I done.

My Spanish school, Pura Buena Onda, has an annual 90 day challenge in which students must to all of their homework, attend all classes and almost all monthly social events, and participate in all Facebook conversations for 90 days.  When I started marathon training (or, back up to last year when I did p90x for “90 days” that turned into a whole year), I thought that was going to be hard and scary, but I think speaking Spanish is actually more of both.

Everything I do hinges on practice. I suppose I should say everything we do hinges on practice, and by “we”, I mean the collective people of earth. When we want to learn something, we do so by setting aside time to focus on it and work on it until we’ve applied an amount of ourselves that is sufficient for accomplishing that learning.  And then we learn some more.

I have been called a “learner” (by people at work and the good folks who created the StrengthsFinders test).  I go about my days, scavenging for bits of information which I can store up for later like some kind of smart squirrel, preparing to hibernate through the dumb of winter.  I plan for things I can absorb and hunt for articles I can soak up.

When my learning becomes pressure-filled, or my projects become mandatory, there is a lot more at stake.  I suppose this is the whole point of a challenge.  So today’s the day I’m going to get over my phobia of project over-commitment and start my 90 day challenge. I will spend a little more time each day boosting my Spanish-language skills, and a little less time on Facebook.

I’ve always said that, some day, I plan to segment a couple hours of each day into 10-15 minute intervals of things I enjoy or want to practice, so I get them in every day.  I suppose this is a great place to start.  People always say they don’t have much time for extracurricular activities or are too busy to fit in the fun or new things in life, but I think there are a lot of moments wasted doing things that are less productive toward our goals, and I’m going to start rounding up those moments and using them applying them toward awesome.


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