On parking (or, how I want a Mini Cooper)

In my creative advertising class, we discuss the question “what is your consumer’s biggest pain?” every week. Today, I’m the consumer, and the biggest pain I have is the impossibility of ever learning to park. More than once today I have envisioned myself smiling and sipping tea as I happily parallel park on university avenue (or in my driveway) in a Mini Clubman.

Where do people learn parking skills? And how come I had to get out of the car twice to park in order to avoid hitting the wall in my own driveway?

The world may never know.

PS – Is there anything more awesome on a rainy day in San Diego than two mini rear windshield wipers? Of course not.


About EV

life enthusiast. explorer. dog lover. constantly analyzing, impossibly impatient, and loving it.

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