On overcoming distraction

Last night in creative advertising class, we watched some pieces of the PBS film Digital Nation.  (PS, why is it still called a “film” when there clearly no… ah, never mind.)  In the movie, I saw an interview with a lady who was trying to write a book or something, and she wrote a paragraph, and then logged on to Google to look up a cauliflower recipe as if she was summoned by the devil.  I’ve done this plenty of times.  Start to return an email to a client, see how much a flight to Croatia in September would be.  What’s the best time to visit Croatia? What’s the currency there again?  Let’s check trains.  Are there any cruises in that area?  How about October?  What holiday is the office closed for around that time?  Let’s see some photos of things I could do in Croatia.

Oh boy, it’s a vicious downward spiral that always ends badly.  It’s apparently caused by chronic multitasking and is a problematic issue for my generation.  So today, I will cut the crap and stop multitasking.  I’m going to keep a list of anything I feel is actually important to do, and I will do it at the end of the day.

Wish me luck.


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life enthusiast. explorer. dog lover. constantly analyzing, impossibly impatient, and loving it.

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