On something smart

I’ve said it every week the past three…

Aaaannnyyyy minute now, I am about to think of something really smart.  Every Tuesday night, I sit in advertising class, and I watch and listen and learn and absorb.  It’s like the words come from the professor’s mouth, and instantly understandable and etched in my brain.  I am dying for a breakthrough.  I love marketing, advertising, case studies, typeface, branding, influencers, gah!, but I feel like I have yet to make a real contribution to it.  Every night after class, I got home and stare at a blank screen for a few minutes.  I think, c’mon lightbulbs – just turn on.  And every week, I get a little closer.  Brilliance is coming.  Just not sure when.

In any case, I’ve got big decisions to make.  V, Jaime and I have to decide where our 2012 trip will be, and pronto!  Frontrunners at the moment are:

  • Peru
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Iceland

Any ideas?


About EV

life enthusiast. explorer. dog lover. constantly analyzing, impossibly impatient, and loving it.

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