On micromovements

I read a blog last week on Good where the author discussed her no-resolution resolution.  I love this since the idea of having a New Year’s Resolution almost automatically conjures up images of vowing to do something that’s never gonna happen or doing things for the sake of starting new, as opposed to ongoing self-improvement.

Anyway, this blog talked about micromovements, which I’m now in love with.  The primary example of micromovements is to try putting on your shoes when you know your goal is running but really don’t feel like it, and just see what happens.  The idea is to remove the pressure of having to accomplish a goal all at once by just making small movements toward a larger goal or dream.  I’m a big dreamer and list-maker, and I always try to accomplish more than that I can actually handle in one breath, so this is a great idea that has started helping me feel like I’m making progress without having to set an end point on my at-home projects.  I think the underlying secret also happens to be that once you start, you’ll probably continue further than you thought.  This is what I tell my dog training students.  I say, “if you’re tired one day and don’t feel like practicing, just give you pup five minutes of your time… or two or three minutes… it’s better than nothing.”  But what I know to be true is that most dog-lovers will turn two or three minutes into the full 15 recommended without even noticing once they just get started.

So, micromovements are my new BFF.  I made a micromovement to spend more time cooking by looking up recipies after work this afternoon.

I’m working on some goal-setting, but I’m a thinker, so I can’t commit it to virtual paper just yet. I know this year’s goals involve slowing down and drinking it in – really taking the idea of making “the most of” everything to new heights.  And lots of micromovements.



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