On W Day

We made it! W Day has come and gone, and I now blog from our beautiful corner hotel room in San Francisco where we are honeymooning.

The weather is gorgeous this week in Ess Eff – perfect for Halloween- and we are getting some much needed R&R.

Our W Day went off without a hitch. Every detail was more perfect than I ever could have imagined. Our venue was the historic Birch North Park Theatre, and our marriage took place on the stage. We hired a circus troupe, Otherwise Entertainment, to “steal the show” before the ceremony to give our guests some entertainment and set the stage for the whimsical, alternative style of our wedding. It was really hard for me to keep them a secret, but I think about half of our guests had no idea they were scheduled, and everyone was really surprised. V and I wanted our wedding to be very creative and to have a feeling of community and be representative of things we enjoy together. It was all of those things. We had little buttons with music notes and boom boxes on them as wedding favors, pinwheel bouquets, antique typewriters and cameras, and lots of other perfect details. My aunt gave me an angel pin that my grandma had given her on her wedding day – a nice touch for my pinwheel bouquet.

My friend Troy, who I’ve known since high school, did a gorgeous job on the girls’ hair and read our ceremony and vows flawlessly. V and I designed the wedding party’s wardrobe to go together without matching. That was a lot more work than I anticipated, but the results were so pretty. We had hoped each outfit would compliment the others while complimenting the person wearing it. It came out better than I imagined.

Our reception was designed to be a community event for our friends and family, so we had at a bar/restaurant (West Coast Tavern), which is directly in front of the wedding site (Birch North Park Theatre). We limited the tables and avoided assigned seating to force mingling. V and I danced to Prince’s rendition of Te Amo Corazon, made a mess of some cookies and milk with whipped cream, and watched our guests take a trip back to childhood with some cotton candy. My aunt Sissy offered to let me take my cousin Alia home with her to practice taking care of a child after shed been chowing down on cookies and cotton candy all night. I regretfully declined. 😉 The reception ended with a thank you speech by Vincent and me thanking our guests for heir love and support, and dedicating the night to V’s grandma. We then headed out to take pictures under the North Park Sign, and we concluded the night with an after-party at Bluefoot, for a little more partying for those who had some left in the tank.

Everything was perfect, and now it’s time for the rest of our lives to begin. Starting with some french toast!


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