On getting the full experience

(Originally posted July 6, 2009)

Back to talk of the trip. Interesting for you to note, I have written these blogs this far solely from my iPhone. Maybe that’s not so interesting.

So the deer didn’t hit us afterall, and we made it to Mont Tremblant. Something you should know about me is hat despite my Midwest, small-town America upbringing for my first fifteen years, I am not goig to be becoming a fan of “the outdoors” on facebook any time soon. Mont Tremblant is a rural, RURAL town in the east of Canada that puts any mountain towns I’ve ever seen to shame. ski resort by winter, complete advenure zone by spring and summer, this place turned out to be one of the absolute highlights of our trip. If I can figure out how to post the video on here at a later time, I will. In Tremblant, we cannoed, we shopped, we ate, we rode The Louge, we zip lined on the Achrobranche course, we scaled the face of a mountain, and we concluded it all by riding around a mini lake in life jackets on a kids’ motorboat. Our condo was perfect, complete with an upgraded, gorgeous view of the lake from our balcony and super friendly staff. I completely underestimated that place. I had imagined we would stay there just for the nights and be commuting to Montreal by day (an hour and a half drive, which we did make the morning it rained). Instead, we spent our four days waking up at seven AM just to give orselves time to do all the mountains had to offer.

Back to the mountain climbing. As I mentioned, I’m not a huge outdoor person, but this was both amazing and inspiring. It was the kind of thing that makes you feel empowered and simultaneously leaves you wondering why you ever waste your life away at work when there is such wonder to be seen and done. I climbed he face of a rock. A huge, bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, mountain. The day prior, we zip lined through trees at huge heigts and climbed obstacles for each “game” consisting of suspended bridges, wobbly steps, ladders, wet rock faces, etc to get to each next zip line area, all suspended in the trees in mountains. That was a good warmup to what would come of the following day. I was mildly horrified at the thought of doing any of those things, considering I practically cried just riding the gondala to get a view of the lake from above the day before. I was determinded, just like I was at Disneyland in Paris, to try everything even if I was scared. The lady who sold us the tickets to the zip lining and the mountain climbing told me the more scared you are, the happier and more proud you will be when it’s over. I chuckled nervously in disbelief at the time, but I now know what she was talking about. The feeling of pride in getting the full experience in a new place or even out of a day or an activity cannot be matched. Nor can that of finding your inner strength both physical and mental. Looking down from the mountain and knowing you are amazing and your life is beautiful is something no one can ever take away. Experiencing all that and with two people who top the list of those you love and are encouraged by more than anything in the world is priceless.

My writing cannot do it any justice, but we had a blast, and then came some more of the chaos we know and love on vacation. The afternoon after mountain climbing, we left from Tremblant to head out to Canada day in Ottawa. We drove the five ish hours to get there and arrived just in time to finish out a BBQ with Jorim (vv and jaime’s friend from Hugh school) and a crazy display of Canadian spirit all over town followed by fireworks and clubbing at a place that had an outdoor euro club in addition to an indoor one a la landlord jim’s! we left directly from there for our seven hour drive to niagara falls. That was an excrutiating drive that seemed to last forever, but we finally made it.

We began Niagara at the casino, which turned out to be much better than the other casinos we had visited in Canada. I suppose nothing compares to Vegas. ;)we saw the falls from the Canada side and could easily see why the whole world says that side is better by a long shot. The falls were breathtaking, and the rest of Niagara was pretty much a tourist trap, so we finally got to sleep and then I won ten bucks on a machine that let me play for two hours at the casino after a really good buffet.

Then we were off to our last leg of driving: another seven hours to New York City. That city was exactly as I imagined it. We could have probably stayed a whole week there and never got bored, but we only had three days. So, as usual, we walked and we ate. We saw sites, rode trains, walked forever, ate Cuban food, built our own licensed official muppets, and wore our feet to the bones.

Pictures and videos to follow. Probably also additional thougts, but for now it’s time to get moving on this three hour connection from Dallas to San Diego and get back to work. Then it’s back to the road for an aggression conference in Arroyo Grande on Saturday.


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