On driving the open road

(Originally posted July 3, 2009)

Blog number one comes from the car, so that means two things to you: excuse spelling errors, and it might be short if I get car sick.

I’m going to move my old blog here assuming I can get my flickr to embed without paying a huge fee.

Here we are, passing Syracuse. I want to get some writing in before I get home because it’s a pain to blog a whole vacation at once. Here are the highlights so far. We began with what was supposed to be a five hour fligh from
San Diego to JFK but soon turned into a twelve hour cluster fuck. New York City closed all of it’s airports due to inclement weather, aka there was enough lightening to have 4th of July early with the natural fireworks. We were on the plane for most of it, sitting on the tarmac where we were rerouted, Buffalo. Apparently they weren’t prepared for a plane our size and had nowhere for us to park and no one who knew how to work the stairs for the big planes. We finally got to NYC around midnight, and after an excrutiating bout with the rental car people, left for Boston around 3am. We got to Mystic, Connecticut around 5am where we saw historic houses and a cool old drawbridge.

(now writing from Laguardia airport)
We made a brief (aka we drove through) Providence, RI and then finally arrived in Boston just in time to get in the shower and go to breakfast with Liz and Courtney. They though we were crazy then… If only any of us knew what the rest of the week had in store. We saw the sites in Boston with the highlight being the neighborhood bars and the freedom trail through their well-kept park downtown and the lowlight, to all of our surprises, being Salem. Not enough production value and not enough educational information left that town straddeling creepy and historic in a very uninspiring way. I got a lobster wearing a raincoat at a gift shop, and it was time to treck on.

We left Boston the next day at 4am after a three hour nap – our first in two days excluding the plane – and headed for Mont Tremblant, the site of our condo in Canada. It was a long, scenic drive through the night up the coast of New Hampshire and Vermont and onward to Montreal, most of which I slept through. That is, until a deer almost hit us. You read correctly. SHE almost hit US. Vin and Jaime do the story much more justice, as the two awake persons in the vehicle at the time of near impact, complete with details of “clenched butt cheeks” and a deer seemingly chasing our rented Chevy HHR as we drove sideways to avoid him. All I recall of the predicament was an “oh fuck” from one side and a “holy shit” from the other as I rose my sleepy face and slowly slurred the words, “what happened?…”


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